Frequently Asked Questions answered

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Answering the FAQs

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Core expertise and services of UTL?

We provide professional and expert rigging (relocation and moving of machinery and equipment) and logistics management across South Africa and the regional African countries. We formulate and develop transportation solutions for clients and assume responsibility for the movement of high-value merchandise/goods.

Benefits of using the services of UTL?

Allowing your valuable assets to be handled by dedicated professionals offers organisation the benefits of reliably meeting operational requirements and customer demands, relieves capital commitment, lowers transportation costs (removes excess fat), reduces permanent employee headcount, improves forecasting capabilities and makes costs transparent, plus enhances business resilience by making the cost structure to fluctuations with customer demands.

Why use UTL?

As a Level 1 BBBEE specialist rigging operator we offer professional and reliable logistics management and transportation solutions helping organisations improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. We use our extensive technical expertise and vast industry knowledge to develop customised logistics solutions to professionally handle high-value machinery and equipment using the most suitably-equipped vehicles from our versatile vehicles fleet. We ultimately promise to positively impact the bottom-line by formulating and delivering world-class logistics management and transportation solutions.

What is the client on-boarding process?

Either submit your contact details on our website or send us an email at We will then have a preliminary discussion to understand your organisations needs and requirements, to be followed by an Application Form including credit assessment. A client account will be open and an account number issued, where after as and when our services are required we will provide you with a pricing proposal for ad hoc assignments/projects or issue a fixed price for standing recurring requirements on a contract basis.

What is the philosophy and approach of UTL?

Our ‘golden triangle’ design philosophy directs us to solve for the most reliable, safe and efficient solution to clients’ logistics requirements and operational objectives. Our pricing approach follows a dynamic zonal pricing framework seasonally-adjusted with fluctuations in key external variables whilst factoring-in client-specific attributes and prevailing market conditions.